Thursday, November 18, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude Days 17 & 18

I forgot to post yesterday. I composed it in my head. Just didn't get translated to the keyboard. My brain is tired, that's my excuse.

Yesterday I was so thankful for my bible teachers. The way they explain the scriptures is amazing. I love to learn the original language, how the two testaments correspond to each other and how it relates to my life today. A good teacher is a gift.

Today I am thankful that the weekend is very very near. We are going away for the holiday next week and I can't wait. We all need a break from our routines. We all need to sleep, relax and spend time together. But until then, we are running around like crazy animals trying to get everything done. You know how it is before a trip.

One week from today is Thanksgiving! So looking forward to turkey and all the fixin's. Have a great day!

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