Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Quick Note

Hi there.

It's been a big week here. And a big one is coming up. It was my birthday this week and I celebrated for two days with friends and family. Last year was a "big" birthday. You know, one that ends in zero. Never mind what came before the zero. Everyone wanted to make a big deal out of it and I DID NOT. But now that the big fat zero year is out of the way, this birthday this week was quiet and lovely. I was blessed and my heart (& tummy) was happy and full.

Next week my family comes from Phoenix & Mexico. Actually, my brother & fam arrive late today and they are driving. I saw on Facebook that they just got a flat tire. Total bummer. Pray for safety, please. Dad & Mom fly in Monday. It'll be a good week of family time.

I just jumped on to tell you what I've been doing, what I will be doing and why the posts are fewer these two weeks. Thanks for understanding. Can I ask for prayer while I'm here? I haven't been sleeping very well these last two - three weeks and it is affecting my every day functioning. I've tried different meds and they aren't cutting it this time. I am so desperate for a week of good, uninterrupted sleep. So I covet your prayers over this situation. And thank you so very much.

I hope you're having a good middle of summer!

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