Monday, June 28, 2010

Enough Excitement for One Weekend

What do these things have in common:
1. gophers & yellow labs
2. dump trucks & doctor's office
3. goats in church
4. numb toes & 100 degrees

Give up? Our weekend. Disclaimer: if you are squeamish, beware of the first two stories.

Number one (gophers & yellow labs) occurred Friday afternoon. All the piles of dirt in our backyard were too hard to resist for one furry creature. The pocket gopher. I found his hole and then I found him. Then our dog, Murphy, found him. She pounced and killed and carried the creature around the yard all the while my son, daughter and I are yelling at the dog, running around in shock and awe at what we'd witnessed. I found the plastic kiddie pool and covered the thing to show Steve when he got home. He, of course, thought it hilarious and was happy to praise the dog for her work. He decided to deal with the thing Saturday morning. But Saturday morning when he lifted the pool (held in place with a brick), the gopher was gone. Yes, it had been dead, very dead. Either Murphy somehow got the thing or...I don't even want to know, really.

Sidenote: curbing completed in backyard project. It is awesome.
Now we are putting down weed paper. The next (and last!!!) step is wood chips.

Number two (dump trucks & dr's office) occurred Saturday afternoon. We needed one more dump truck of dirt for the yard which Steve got from his dad on the farm. As he was dumping it, a chain got stuck in the tailgate and he pulled it out. But he wasn't quick enough to get his hand out of the way and the tailgate came crashing down on his finger, crushing it hard enough to blow the skin open near the nail. I took him to the Quick Care doctor, they took x-rays and Praise the Lord, no broken bones. No stitches even. Because of all the swelling they figured it'd tear any stitching. He is doing much better now, just inconvenienced with a finger wrapped up.

Number three (goats & church)- we are studying Hebrews right now at church. Pastor Jim wanted us really "get" what the role of the high priest was in Israelite times. Once a year they celebrated the Day of Atonement, the covering of sins. Part of this was transferring the sins of the people to a goat which was then led out into the wilderness. So, we had a real live goat at church. We tend to forget or get comfortable with grace and what Jesus did for us. But, we are FORGIVEN by what our high priest did once for all (not yearly like the Hebrews). There is so much more to this story and if you have the time, listen to the message at this link here.

Lastly, it got over 100 degrees here Monday *pant*! So we went to a lake where the water had to be about 65 degrees. My feet went numb as I waded. The kids did go under the water, but it was too breath-taking for me. It did cool a body off though. I didn't really think about how hot the air was.

All in all, that was enough excitement for one weekend. Looking forward to a quiet & calm week.

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