Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scripture Memory Verse #11

Friends, it is June 1st! Can you believe it? Are you counting the days until summer vacation? We have this week yet in school, though a lot of friends and family are already finished. It may be harder to believe it's June here in SW Idaho because of the cool, rainy & often windy weather. I will choose to believe hot, dry, & sunny is coming...hopefully by July.

With the end of school in sight, we are taking a big breath. It feels as if we've been running since Spring break in March. We'll take a few days to relax, to catch up on sleep, to just be. All four of us need to breathe deeply and regroup.

As I struggled to find a verse for today, I realized I need to take a deep breath in this area of my life, too. I am not picking a new verse. I am going to focus on the ones I've already chosen this year. They are not as cemented in my mind or spirit as I'd like them to be. So I give you permission today to take a break from a new verse and to review the ones you've already chosen. Get them planted firmly. If you feel you've been doing good on your memorization, then, by all means, choose another verse! I did not intend for this process to become legalistic. It is to get God's word in our hearts & our minds so we can fight the good fight. You are so loved here and you will not be judged here. Do what the Lord is telling you to do. Maybe you'll need a review time later in the year if not now. But, please do stay in His Word. It is life. (Ps 119:92)

This is my prayer for you this week (from a memory verse last year): I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts as you trust in him. May your roots go down deep into the soil of God's marvelous love. Eph 3:17

Keep up the good work, friends. Leave a verse if you have one or a comment if you're also reviewing.


  1. Great timing, I have been wondering how I could add another one this week, I am also feeling like I haven't quite got them cemented. So, I will join you this two weeks in reviewing the ones I have already chosen. Thanks for the encouragement and loving support. 2 more days of school for us, Yippee!!

  2. Hi beautiful friend! I will join in reviewing as well.