Thursday, April 22, 2010


I wanted to give you an update on the back yard project. I haven't taken many pictures in the last couple of days because, frankly, we are exhausted. This is what I have managed to capture. I'll post more pictures later because we have planted a lot of things. Two weeks ago, Steve and his dad planted a tree:

Last weekend, Steve dug a trench across the whole backyard to bury the sprinkler again.

I did plant a few things in my garden boxes and they are growing so well. It's very fun to see. (This isn't all I've planted, just the first to make their presence known.) (Also, these pictures make our ground look...bad. It's not that bad, really.)

The following pictures are ones that make my heart smile. God's so creative!

Are you in the middle of any projects right now?

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  1. I loooove flowers!! And I haven't memorized a single verse since the Siesta Scripture Event. :( I need to back in the groove!!