Monday, September 13, 2010

So Over The Angst

I had a reality check this morning while reading my daily blog list. I clicked on some links and read about a group visiting Guatemala with Compassion. Here's what I read:

The one question you've got to look in the mirror and really ask


Lame sponsors of the world unite

While I believe Jesus is about relationships and I need to treat my beautician like I want to be treated, there is no need for the angst I allowed to invade my being (see previous post). So, now that the world is tilted back into proper perspective and I've asked for forgiveness for my selfishness, I'm going to write a letter to Stefanie. (My Compassion girl in Honduras) If you have ever thought about sponsoring a child through Compassion but found lots of reasons not to, please reconsider. They are an amazing organization and the need is great for sponsors. You will be blessed and more importantly, you will be a blessing.

Here's the handy dandy link: Compassion

See you tomorrow for the next memory verse!

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