Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Musings

I love the sunshine and blue sky. I'm not sure I can stress it enough. I do not care what the temperature is, just give me the sunshine and blue sky. Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of both today!

I love the color pink. Be it on a flower, a purse, a sandal or the new cardigan I bought today. It is such a happy color. I plan to wear the new sweater on the date I have with my husband Friday. We will be celebrating 16 years of marriage. woo-hoo!

I am getting tired of watching the Olympics. Seeing those incredible athletes from all over the world doing things that no one in their right mind does - well, it gets exhausting after awhile. Seriously, I get nervous going 85 mph on the Idaho freeway in my SUV, I would have to be out of my mind to go 85 mph down a mountain on two skinny pieces of wood! And how do they speed skate without falling over??? If I heard once that when the snowboarders fall out of a trick, it's like falling off a 22 foot building - I heard it five times, at least. I'd like to talk to the mothers of these athletes. How did they let go of the fear of their child getting seriously hurt? They are made of stronger stuff than I.

Last fall, Steve and I built a couple of raised garden boxes. They are not huge, but it's going to be fun to grow some vegies. I've been thinking about what to plant. There's so many choices. Do I start the seeds soon so I can plant little plants? Who am I kidding? I doubt I'll do that. When do I plant seeds in the ground? What are your favorite things to grow in a garden?

Have you heard of Aaron Shust? He's a Christian musician. I played his album "Anything Worth Saying" over and over last year. I received his latest album "Take Over" for Christmas and so enjoy it, too. Check it out. I like that he writes little essays to explain where the ideas for each song comes from.

We ate a cool place this weekend. I had seen this place on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives". We were in the big city of Boise on Saturday, literally all over it. Well, Steve remembered this place and so he took us to Pizzal Chick. (They serve pizza, salad & chicken, thus the name.) Quite the eclectic place, but the food was fabulous! There's a big stone fireplace in the middle of the kitchen where they cook the pizzas & chickens. Plus he has a smoker in the alley for smoking meats (he was doing salmon that day). We had pizza - a BBQ chicken/red onion/kalamata olive one, an elk sausage/wild mushroom/sweet pepper one and of course a cheese pizza. Each was so delicious. Next time I will try the roasted chicken. I wish it was closer because it was that good. Idaho friends - you've got to try it. State and Glenwood (just past the fair grounds).

I'm signing off now. Did I mention it's sunshine and blue sky today?


  1. Loving your blog Melanie. Mom was by today and we were looking at the garden. She said you should plant some peas. So if you like peas, maybe try planting some in your garden boxes. Just to test them out. =)

  2. Melanie...hope your anniversary date was wonderful! Congrats on 16 years! I missed our time together this week but feel like I got to visit a little via your blog. Thanks for sharing. Love ya!