Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Musings

I have had one good night of sleep since before I went to Houston in January. ONE. No exaggeration. I am desperate for a full night of sleep. Today I feel like my head weighs 25 pounds and it's kinda rummy inside. Ever felt that way? I even purchased a natural sleep aid from the "organic" section in the grocery store because Advil PM and Tylenol PM haven't been working. The days are so long when the nights are so short.

My son has adopted a pet on Have you heard of it? Anyone can go on and "adopt" a pet - they have all kinds. You then get to name it and take care of it. My son adopted a yellow lab puppy, named him Eddie and has been "feeding, watering and playing fetch" with him since before Christmas. Actually, since before Halloween, I think. If you don't feed or play with your pet, he becomes "detached" and the graph on his care page turns from green to yellow to red. When you go online to feed the pet, he even looks like he hasn't eaten in a week. So twice a day, my son goes online to feed and play with Eddie. Every time I get frustrated with the inconvenience of it (when we go out of town, Eddie goes to the kennel) and suggest that my son put Eddie up for adoption again, he gets this panicked look in his eyes and declares he's not doing that. I guess it is teaching him responsibility. Although the REAL LIVE Yellow Lab in our backyard doesn't get the attention Eddie does. For Pete's sake.

I experienced a total of one week of 70 degree weather in January by traveling to Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl and to Houston for the SMT Celebration. Then I had to come home to gray Idaho. It's about 40 degrees, lots of foggy or overcast days. I don't like the in-between times. Either be winter - snowy & cold or get to spring. We did see the sun this morning but I was so tired it hurt to squint.

I have been experiencing technology frustration maxi mus. First the computer wouldn't work properly. Well, turns out, we had a bad virus. Got that fixed, but still wasn't running the way it should. Brother in law helped out with that. The wireless router hasn't been working, so I bought a new one today. Have yet to install it. The tech guy said it's easy. ha. The car decided to freak out, making weird sounds and then lights came on, power steering stopped working and brakes froze. Water pump replacement. Thankfully, still under warranty from the water pump replacement last year. Drove it two days, heard strange chatterings and it smelled hot. Took it back to the shop where they tightened some belt. I don't know my megabytes from my fan pulleys. Why can't things just work???? As my friend Christina said this weekend, "why do things have to be so fancy?" I just want to turn them on and they work. I guess it's a good thing my technology isn't voice activated. I've told it where to go so many times, it'd all be at the bottom of the lake by now.

Maybe then I could sleep.

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  1. I have been praying for you that you would sleep better. That is no fun! Hang in there my friend:)